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Author : Steven J. Matthiesen
Category : Word Lists,Vocabulary, Slang & Word Lists,Reference,Words, Language & Grammar
Formats : Paperback,Kindle Edition
Languages : English
Pages : 352
Price : $11.99
PublishDate : 2017-04-01
ReleaseDate : None

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  • This Revised Book Is Specifically Designed For Esl Students Preparing To Take The Toefl And Features Updated Vocabulary That Is Seen Most Often On The Exam.

  • It Includes:Phrases And Purpose Words (For Example, Define, Discuss, Claim, Etc.)

  • That Are Used In The Speaking And Writing Sections Of The Test New Words And Phrases, Since You Are Often Asked To Explain The Meaning Of A Phraselists Of Vocabulary Words With Definitions, Sample Sentences, And Practice Exercises For 500 Need-To-Know Wordsdetailed Advice To Help Students Expand Their English Language Vocabulary, And Morestudents Can Test Their Mastery Of Toefl Vocabulary By Taking The Included Practice Test With Answer Key, Which Is Designed To Help Students Evaluate Their Progress, And Increase Confidence In Their Vocabulary Skills.

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This summary perfectly reflects the sophisticated low-frequency vocabulary needed for the TOEFL and its mixed with high-frequency words to create a rounded set of vocabulary.However, as a student, dont expect to read this book in a week or two and have memorized all words.It takes a lot of practice and repetition to remember and use these words naturally.

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