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  • Join The Millions Of Readers Who Have Discovered The Pigman, The Beloved Bestselling Young Adult Classic From Paul Zindel, The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Of The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds.The Pigman Is The Perfect Read For Fans Of Modern Classics Like The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton And Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher.When High School Sophomores John And Lorraine Made A Prank Phone Call To An Elderly Stranger Named Angelo Pignati, What Starts As A Practical Joke Quickly Turns Into A Friendship That Changes All Of Their Lives Forever.

  • But When Their Friendship Ends In Tragedy, The Only Way For John And Lorraine To Find Peace Is To Write Down Their Friends Story—The True Story Of The Pigman.

  • “Headline News…Remarkable…Zindel Has Written A Story That Will Not Be Denied.” —Publishers Weekly“An Intensely Moving Story Of Believably Alienated Young People.” —School Library Journal

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This is probably one of the influential books in the past couple of decades because it goes over the controversial fact of alcoholism and drug use. The two main characters in the book, John and Lorraine, have a distinct present that ties them together to modern-era adolescence. After a funny prank on a fellow elderly person, Mr. Pignati gones wrong, the two teenagers decide to hang out with him and learn about his disturbing past. Zindel was clear to portray Mr. Pignati as a normal person who just likes to accompany himself with people. Later in the book, Mr. Pignati has a heart attack which results in an immediate hospitalization and John and Lorraine decide if they have compassionate, kindly feelings toward him, which they do in-fact. Some positive aspects of this story are that (1) John and Lorraine have the same lifestyle according to our modern-era adolescent.

One criticisms about this book is that the ending of the book is quite tragic and it is truly very sad what happens after what John and Lorraine have gone through with Mr. Pignati. I would recommend this book to teenagers because Zindel shows what John and Lorraine go through and most of the things are quite similar to what happens in the 21th century. I would also recommend this book to the parents of the teenage kids who are reading this book, maybe parents will have some idea on what kids go through nowadays. This is probably one of the influential books in the past couple of decades because it goes over the controversial fact of alcoholism and drug use. The two main characters in the book, John and Lorraine, have a distinct present that ties them together to modern-era adolescence.

Zindel was clear to portray Mr. Pignati as a normal person who just likes to accompany himself with people. Later in the book, Mr. Pignati has a heart attack which results in an immediate hospitalization and John and Lorraine decide if they have compassionate, kindly feelings toward him, which they do in-fact. Some positive aspects of this story are that (1) John and Lorraine have the same lifestyle according to our modern-era adolescent. What I mean by that is teenagers, nowadays, use drugs and alcohol as a mean to escape reality and the author goes over the issue in this book and (2) the author switches between the pov of John and Lorraine in-between each of the chapters. One criticisms about this book is that the ending of the book is quite tragic and it is truly very sad what happens after what John and Lorraine have gone through with Mr. Pignati.

I would also recommend this book to the parents of the teenage kids who are reading this book, maybe parents will have some idea on what kids go through nowadays. I am a mom who decided to read this book, as it was required for my sons 8 grade language arts class. The Pigman is a short story that kids can easily relate to, plus interesting enough to hold their attention. Great life lesson book wrapped up in an intriguing, funny, sad, story. I did a book report on it and we had to read our review/report out loud in front of the class. I think it makes a great choice for young teens and especially for kids that say they do not like to read. You get to see John and Lorraine grow as teens when hanging out with Mr. Pignati. The kids went through troubled situations at home that played out throughout the book which I enjoyed because it got to show how they grow as people.

Loved this book in high school, therefore I loved the copy I got from this website. These were more innocent times, where teenagers could be invited into the home of an old man and be offered candy and wine, and find that IN NO WAY suspicious or inappropriate. i never read this book when it was age-appropriate for me to have done so, but i was convinced that it was about two kids who find out that their neighbor is a nazi war criminal. i know it is not one i have read, it was just always the first thing that popped into my head when i encountered, and passed by, this title at my sadly underdeveloped local library as a kid, looking for more lois duncan. and even though mfso told me i was wrong, and even though i have finished reading it, i am going to continue to believe it is actually about a nazi neighbor, so frankly mr. pignati, you got what you deserved, you bastard.

it is an okay book – there are parts that are very reminiscent of catcher in the rye: adulthood bad, childhood good, kids smoking and drinking and cutting class, an “us against them” mentality, and a very complicated and subjective morality: it is okay to blow up toilets in the boys room, it is not okay to snatch a purse. I enjoyed the character of the Pigman and despite everything that happens I was glad to see that he had some happy times. I recently decided (by a process of reasoning that’s a rather long story) that I’d make this 1968 YA novel –which I read only as a middle-aged adult, on the recommendation of one of my daughters– the subject of my next retrospective review.

Although it was marketed as teen fiction and has teen protagonists, and certainly can be characterized (like a great deal of fiction, especially YA fiction) as a coming-of-age story, it’s the sort of novel that speaks just as well to adults. The author uses the “truth of art” to convey, with great power, the importance of personal responsibility, of considering and taking seriously the possible consequences of our actions, of compassion and care for our fellow humans. 1968; and our title character is Antonio Pignati, a lonely retiree who collects pig figurines (hence his nickname). But our two first-person narrators are high-school sophomores John and Lorraine, who alternate chapters to deliver what they intend to be a true account of their acquaintance with him.

But neither of them, at their core, are genuinely bad kids (though Lorraine has a bit more of a moral compass than John does), and they’re capable of learning from mistakes. The Internet didn’t exist, so John and Lorraine aren’t attached to a device every waking minute, and don’t turn to it for ersatz companionship. And while our two narrators have dawning male-female feelings towards each other, those feelings are experienced in a cultural context that still presupposes teenage sexual abstinence as the norm, not a toxic surrounding culture that aggressively legitimatizes and promotes teen sexual activity. But I think their feelings, needs, and moral and psychological struggles and epiphanies are universal enough that a lot of modern teens could still relate to them; and any adult readers who read serious fiction and think about meaningful things could relate to all three main characters.

My favorite passage is the part where John glues his home’s rotary phone dial to piss off his dad, but finds that he needs to make a call himself:in a sentence: A young woman and a young man prank call an old lonely man, and form an unlikely and somewhat unhealthy friendship. John and Lorraine are two students who hate school, have less than desirable family lives, and few friends outside of each other. Their relationship with Angelo Pignati – known as the Pigman – begins with a prank call made by Lorraine during one of their after school games. John and Lorraine throw it all away by having a huge party in the Pigman’s absence, and sever their beautiful relationship forever. They know what a unique relationship was forged, and set to write this novel in order to share with the world their experience with Angelo Pignati.

Young adults reading this book can identify with the parents presented in the novel, whether it is their own or a friends parent, and don’t need to know the specifics of their situation to recognize the parent and their reactions. The changing relationship between John and Lorraine, while obvious to the reader, is subtle and barely touched on in the novel in order to keep the main focus on their relationship with the Pigman. The plot of the novel creates high emotions in the reader, while carrying on in a pace that creates a depth in the relationship and actions of characters in the novel. The reader is at times frustrated with John and Lorraine, but can’t help and feel sorry for them too for wanting a safe haven to be cared for unconditionally. The author creates a novel with authentic characters that young adults can relate to and respect, despite their poor choices.

You know the type; The almost patronizingly short, incredibly dull and soon forgotten piece of drivel that stands in the way of the books you actually WANT TO READ this summer. And that was the fact that the very first paragraph, on the very first page, of the very first book I ever read in high school taught me how to blow up a urinal and frame the local stoner for it. I know this was supposed to be one of those books that teaches you about compassion, and taking responsibility for your actions, but to be quite honest all I can remember learning is how to throw cherry bombs down a toilet, and that is just a shame. I felt the story lacked plot and that there really wasn’t any character development throughout the story. I just re-read this for the first time as an adult and was surprised to discover how little there really is to this book.

Then again, I read the book for the first time in the late eighties/early nineties and I remember thinking that it was super deep, so maybe it’s less about the time period and more about the maturity level of the reader. In which case, Zindel is owed some praise for a book that resonates with new (young) readers even after the angst is no longer groundbreaking. I first read The Pigman in high school; remembering that I genuinely enjoyed the novel. I felt that despite being written in the 60’s, the story includes complex issues that are still relevant in modern times, like family, aging, death, etc. This book is very much of its time, written in the late 1960s and it would be hard for the YA readers of today to relate to it except as historical fiction. John and Lorraine are two teenagers from dysfunctional families who just want to have fun – the trouble is, the ‘fun’ turns into tragedy.

Lorraine’s father left them when Lorraine was a baby and he died some years ago. Her mother has tried to bring her up to distrust and even hate men, so Lorraine keeps her friendship with John a secret and always pretends to be at a friend’s studying after school instead of where she really is – with John hanging out at the cemetery drinking beer (and in his case smoking) or otherwise spending time with him. Bore is a coffee trader and wants John to follow in his footsteps as his older brother has already done, disdaining John’s half-hearted notion of becoming an actor. John has no real relationship with his mother either, and nicknames her the Old Lady. As the book opens, the two are typing up (on a typewriter naturally at that period) what happened to them and why the ‘Pigman’ died, so we know from the start what has happened, just not how or who the Pigman was.

Thus they inveigle their way into the life of a lonely old man who (view spoiler)[ has lost his wife – though I don’t think that is much of a spoiler for any adult reader as it was obvious to me from his first scene (hide spoiler)]. They start to spend time over his house and also to truant and go to the zoo with him, as he loves visiting a particular baboon called Bobo. Despite Lorraine’s misgivings, she can’t resist accepting his treats, and John has no qualms at all. Therefore, despite the dated nature of the setting, the story itself is not: two bored, alienated teenagers scam a lonely old person, although they don’t do it to be mean but just to have fun. The only change in them is that, thanks to the seclusion that Mr Pignati’s house provided, they have started to recognise the growing attraction between them which is replacing their straightforward friendship.

The Pigman by Paul Zindle I think is a great read and a book that should be shared with others. Death is one of the main themes in the story and right from the start not even reading the first chapter you know the pigman is going to die. The Pigman (AKA Mr Pignati) is a old lonely man that lives by him self with a house full of pigs that he get for his wife Conchetta before she past away. He has one friend that he goes to see almost every day name Bobo who is a baboon Mr pignati brings little things to eat every time he come to see him because this is his only friend and he wants to treat him well. But for an old man he is really into having fun some of the things he liked to do were going to the zoo to see Bobo, drinking wine, rollerblading and having Peoples Company like when John and Lorraine come around.

John gets bored very easy and he hates school so he puts bombs in the boys change rooms and rolls apples in class most of the time he would wag school. In his spare time him and his friends like to go down to the summitry and lay back and have a few drinks or they will choose numbers out of a phone book and prank call whos number there finger lands on. Lorraine is a girl that is very self conscious person that thinks at the start of the book everyone is laughing at her or talking about her. when they were doing the prank calling she got the pigmans number when she call him she pretended she was a charity worker and she worked for the L&J funds and asked if he would donate some money, he said he would donate 10 dollars what was a lot of money back then. Lorraine and john went through with taking his money and that is when they felt sorry for him and got to no him more.

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I’m going to find whoever is responsible for me sleeping out side with outside without pillows and kick them in the shins!-Enna

Shannon Hale

I really liked reading this book it draws you in when you no someone is going to die and after you finish you want to read more. Death I think is the main theme in the story because they are all talking about it and with Bobo and the Pigman dying I think that is a pretty good assumption. My 8th grade English teacher read this to us, and she was much, much cooler than I realized at the time. I came across it in the library a few days ago and decided to bring it home and re-read it to see what it was about and how much I liked it now. It’s a pretty cool story about two young friends who meet and befriend an old widowed man, who they dub “The Pigman”.

Yes he’s quirky as hell, but I really genuinely liked him. . . and then the horrible teen characters invite a bunch of other teens over who destroy his collection of porcelain pigs hat he adores. . . and he barely talks until he dies at the end. The premise of the book was for the two teen kids to figure out what the Pigman’s secret was. . . but guess what, I couldn’t figure it out myself!A sixth grade class was assigned to read a book about to lying, selfish teenagers who like a man but end up having his collection of porcelain pigs he collected over time; which ends up almost killing him from depression (in fact in a way it did kill him). However, what it needs now is a little revision to place it in time, because the first person narrative makes it sound contemporary while the cultural details are 40 years old.

The age old teenage rejection of parent value is there, as is the presence in theirlives of an adult who totally accepts them, but whom they hurt just as much as they have hurt their parents. Two narrators, one male one female alternate the telling of the story, much like Avi did in a couple of books with a female author. This is a coming of age story told from a young adult perspective with the narrative split between John Conlan, a young good-looking rebel who one day hopes to be an actor, and Lorraine, a not very-attractive girl who lives with her single mom. Both kids are up to no good when they make the acquaintence of the Pigman, an older Italian man who’s lonely enough to let these two teens invade his life and somewhat take advantage of him. Set in New York City in the mid sixties, this story doesn’t feel dated at all and deals with issues that are just as current today as then.

At 149 pages this is a fast read but, as with any good book, some of the ideas will stick with you longer than that. I’m amazed that this book has won so many awards, and I feel sorry for all the teenagers who are forced to read this in school. I thought John and Lorraine’s dysfunctional relationships with their parents was too contrived and over-the-top. To have teenagers and a senior citizen glimpse into each others lives, and experience a little bit of what it’s like to be them, well, that could make for a really great book. . . . but not this book. John and Lorraine prank call Mr. Pignati which leads, very gradually, to a friendship between the two teens and the old man. Along with Lorraine and other friends,John plays a “telephone marathon”,in which participants close their eyes, point at a random name in a telephone book, and call that number, trying to stay on the line as long as possible.

Pignati proves to be a good-natured, whimsical elderly man who invites them to explore his house. He claims his wife Conchetta is visiting relatives, but John finds her funeral bill and knows she is dead. Pignati’s treasured memories of her are preserved in her collection of glass and china pigs. He also introduces the kids to his “best friend” Bobo, an unpleasant old baboon in the city zoo, whom he sees as a person. John and Lorraine, who are unable to communicate with their own parents, become very close to Mr. Pignati; he understands them and wants them to be happy. Mr. Pignati suffers a heart attack while he, Lorraine, and John were roller-skating around the house. Mr. Pignati asks John and Lorraine to care for the house and visit Bobo while he’s in the hospital. Notified that Pignati is about to leave the hospital, John wants to give a party before turning the house back over to him.

The next day, Lorraine and John take him to the zoo, only to find that Bobo has died. Mr. Pignati suffers another heart attack and dies on the spot. A cute but sad little story about two teenagers who prank call an old widower and end up being friends with him. Both John and Lorraine had family troubles of their own, while Mr. Pignati’s life was just sad and lonely. I remember in middle school reading a book by this author, My Darling, My Hamburger, and that I liked that book a lot, so when I found this book as I was packing up my room to move to another classroom, I was flooded with memories and felt drawn to the book. I liked it ok. . . the main character, John, reminded me of Holden Caulfield, but John has a girl friend, Lorraine. They are both from dysfunctional families, and the Pigman befriends them at a time when he also is suffering from the loss of his wife to cancer.

John, Lorraine and Mr. Angelo pignati also known as the pigman, the book is a very interesting read like how the chapters are shared between john and Lorraine which makes it exciting to see the next one, to see their point of view. There are a lot of different emotions through out the book there is a lot of sadness in some of the charters which keeps you intrigued to see what happens next in the book and keeps you wanting to read on.

Then after he John and Lorraine became friends with the pigman, he started to mature and care about things like you could tell he was sad that his dad wasnt around much he would work most of the day, but then when he was home he would just be telling John off and telling him what he should do with his life, thats why the pigman was such a big part in Johns life, he wanted John to be happy and be an individual until Mr. Angelo pignati died not long after he returned from hospital to find john and Lorraine having a party in his house, and his pig collection ruined and his dearest wifes dress ruined, john only realized what he had done until after the ordeal, john was so remorseful for what he had done you could feel the sadness in his words, then after the passing of the pigman john couldnt believe he had lost his friend, you could feel the sadness that he was feeling through the book.

This is why when Lorraine was with Mr. Pignati she got to be her own person, relax, be loud and drink alcohol. Throughout the story Lorraine had more guilt for Mr. Pignati, buying them all the stuff that they were getting and even right from the start john convinced Lorraine to go with him to collect the donation from Mr. Pignati for their fake charity, I think that Lorraine shares the same sadness towards her actions as John feels, Lorraines words connect to her feelings in the book you can tell that she is sad for what she has done to Mr. Pignati and will find it hard to get rid of her sadness. Mr. Pignati a nice, kind, trusting and trustworthy man he has all the right values you could want in a person.

Mr. Pignatis only friend before John and Lorraine was a baboon by the name of Bobo I dont think anyone could have had a connection as strong as they did, you could even say that when Bobo died it took away what remained of Mr. Pignati. Mr. Pignati wasnt alone his hole life his dearest wife Conchetta Pignati was the love of his life, they were each others everything, he even brought her the first big out of their collecting before they got married, it was a joke towards his last name Pignati.

I think anyone that is looking for an interesting and a very good read should take the time to read The Pigman the book has many different emotions between the characters which keeps you reading. But some people may not enjoy some of the drama that goes on which could be a good reason not to read the book if youre the type of person who would enjoy such a book, there are some parts in the story where a section may drag on which could make you decide if you really want to read on or to but over all its a very good read and I personally enjoyed the book and would recommend it. In Paul Zindel’s novel The Pigman, two high school students try to play a trick on an older man, but quickly become his friends.

The book called The Pigman written by Paul Zindel is about two teenagers Lorraine and John and the every day lifes until they meet Mr Pignati. Mr Pignati or also known as the pigman is an old lonely man who collects pigs and has a terrible secret, He also has a baboon called BoBo as a best friend. John one of the main characters is a high school sophomore in America. His relationship with his dad or as John calls him Bore isnt that good as they dont get each other point of views. Like John her relationship with her family isnt the best, he mum always fights and is very sexist and her father does take much part in the book. Guilt was mostly felt by Lorraine and John, the main characters who are high school sophomores in America. The first time they started to feel guilty was when John and Lorraine rang Mr Pignati and said they were a charity and collected $10 from him.

Lorraine felt guilty when Mr Pignati kept on spending his money on them. When they encouraged Mr. Pignati to play chasey on rollerblades with them and Mr Pignati fell down the stairs and had a heart attack, thats when they felt to blame. Later on in the book Mr. Pignati died at the zoo when he heard BoBo died. This made Lorraine and John feel so guilty because they had gotten so close to him. Throughout the story, John and Lorraine went through events that made them feel guilty, but they werent the only one to feel this emotion. The Hospital staff let Mr Pignati out of hospital early so they might even be responsible for his death. The way the zoo keeper told Mr Pignati about BoBo and his death probably caused his death so he might have been feeling abit guilty as well.

John Cohan- is a sophomore in high school who is a practical joker who aspires to be an actor. Lorraine Jenson- is a sophomore in high school, who is laid back and finds herself following the crowd, but can be herself if she feels like the action of others are going too far. Angelo Pignati- The Pigman who befriends John and Lorraine. This story is about two high school sophomores that come to terms with how their actions affect not only them, but the others that surround them after the death of the The Pigman. The teacher could have the students read and then discuss how the actions of John and Lorraine ultimately changed them. For 3 of the characters in the book The Pigman by Paul Zindle, they have a lot of fun. John and Lorraine prank called an elderly man named Angleo Pignati, telling him that they are charity workers.

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