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Author : Bella Forrest
Category : Romance,Science Fiction,Subjects,Books
Formats : Hardcover,Paperback,Kindle Edition,Audible Audiobook
Languages : English
Pages : 418
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PublishDate : 2016-09-24
ReleaseDate : 2016-09-24

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Book Summary & Description

  • For Fans Of The Hunger Games And Divergentcomes A Story Like No Other…A Toxic River Divides Nineteen-Year-Old Violet Batess World By Gender.Women Rule The East.

  • Men Rule The West.Welcome To The Lands Of Matrus And Patrus.Ever Since The Disappearance Of Her Beloved Younger Brother, Violets Life Has Been Consumed By An Anger She Struggles To Control.

  • Already A Prisoner To Her Own Nation, Now She Has Been Sentenced To Death For Her Crimes.But One Decision Could Save Her Life.To Enter The Kingdom Of Patrus, Where Men Rule And Women Submit.Everything About The Patriarchy Is Dangerous For A Rebellious Girl Like Violet.

  • She Cannot Break The Rules If She Wishes To Stay Alive.

  • But Abiding By Rules Has Never Been Her Strong Suit, And When She Is Thrust Into More Danger Than She Could Have Ever Predicted, Violet Is Forced To Sacrifice Many Things In The Forbidden Kingdom …

  • Including Forbidden Love.In A World Divided By Gender, Only The Strongest Survive…_____________________________________________*Over 30,640 Worldwide 5-Star Reviews And 1 Million Copies Sold Of The Series*What Early Readers Are Saying:Bella Takes This Genre To A New Level.

  • Imagine The Intrigue Of Divergent, The Suspense Of The Maze Runner And The Heart-Pounding Excitement Of The Hunger Games.

  • That Is The Magic Bella Is Working With Her New Novel The Gender Game.The Next Big Thing.

  • Unique And Brilliant.The Perfect Mix Of Adventure, Mystery, Thrill, Blossoming Love And Heartbreak.Read This Asap!

  • You Will Not Regret It.You Can Never Predict Where Bella Forrest Will Take A Story!Intrigue, Danger And Mystery At Every Corner.Once I Started Reading, I Knew I Wouldnt Be Able To Stop.

  • My Heart Raced Along With Violets […] The Twists And Turns So Far In This Book Have Left My Mouth Hanging Agape.Intrigue, Espionage, And A Strong, Smart Female At The Center Of It All.

  • Had Me Sucked In From The Get Go.If You Enjoy Suzanne Collins Or Veronica Roth, This Will Be A Ride You Wont Want To Miss.Buy Now.Book 1 Of A Completed Series.

  • *Beware Of Spoilers In The Reviews Below That Are Without Spoiler Alerts*

Book Reviews

The books is really a two star, but I have to offset the crazy rating this books has – 4. 5 as of Apr 2017. The good: Easy read, well edited, the story had good pacing, decent plot devices that carry the arc, the basic idea is interesting – male v. female values. Summary: Men rule half the world, and are precise and heartless and focus on computers and physical science stuff. Women rules the other half, are sensitive (they dont kill people) and focus on the bio sciences. However, the addiction quality doesnt come from real interest in the story, as it reads as poorly planned and filled to the brim with mcguffins, but rather the same sensation you would get if watching two trains collide.


He couldve tried harder to win over violets affection, and ends up reading as a boring asexual person with anger issues. The events that happen seem to exist for the purpose of making Viggo appear sexier to Violet and making Lee appear as more of a jerk. First, I keep seeing the ad for this book on Facebook and I commented that the series ( I bought all 7) was shallow and had no character development. There were gaping plot holes and it read more like a die hard movie than a deep thinking story that it started out to be. They also banned me from their Facebook page and deleted my review which was deceitful and theyre just trying to sell more books. The plot is weak and makes no sense past the first book. I skimmed the last quarter of the story, and only the twist was interesting, though not enough for me to read the next book.

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