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Author : Editors of DO Magazine
Category : Individual Artists,Individual Artists
Formats : Paperback,
Languages : English
Pages : 128
Price : $16.99
PublishDate : 2016-11-08
ReleaseDate : 2016-11-08

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  • Theres Never Been A Comprehensive Guide To Coloring As A Hobby—Until Now!

  • Take Your Experience To The Next Level With The First Ever Comprehensive Coloring Guidebook: Easy-To-Follow Tips & Tricks For All Skill Levels: Become An Accomplished Colorista In No Time!

  • Master Advanced Techniques Like Patterning, Blending, Layering, Cross-Hatching, And Shading Step-By-Step Lessons Beautiful Examples By Top Coloring Book Artists Discover Todays Coloring Tools And How Best To Use Them Advice For Your Favorite Coloring Implements: Many Types Of Gel Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, & Other Art Media More Than 100 Ready-To-Color Designs To Help You Apply What Youve Learned Coloring Can Be A Wonderfully Relaxing Way To De-Stress And Unwind.

  • But Getting Great Coloring Results Is Not As Simple As It Looks—From Color Choices To Shading Techniques To Drawing Implements, Theres Much To Consider Before You Ever Put Pen To Paper.

  • Dont Let Coloring Stress You Out!

  • Inside This Friendly Guidebook Youll Find Tons Of Easy-To-Follow Advice From Best Selling Coloring Book Artists.

  • Their Tips And Tricks Will Have You Drawing Like An Accomplished Colorista In No Time.

  • Discover The Differences Between Gel Pens And Markers.

  • Learn The Best Way To Use Watercolor Pencils.

  • Understand Why Expensive Materials Are Different Than The Cheaper Ones.

  • Master Exciting Techniques Like Patterning, Blending, Cross-Hatching, Shading, And Other Cool Ways To Up Your Coloring Experience.

  • Learn All The Cool Ways You Can Take Your Coloring Experience To The Next Level!

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It is also a bit of a coloring book in itself because it has many coloring pages for you to practice your techniques.It now takes me 2 and sometimes 3 times longer to color something than it used to because I am applying what I learned in the book, but the final result is definitely worth it and this book is worth every penny and so is the time it takes to read it (easily in just a few short hours).The color lesson is great, it covers the color wheel and tells you about color schemes.Id also like to add to the point blending part that while they say you can use a blending pencil or a tortillion and then go back with colored pencils and repeat until you get the desired result, you do have to keep in mind that blending pencils and tortillions work by physically moving the pencil marks around and pushing them into the tooth of the paper and that will flatten the tooth (plus blending pencil is an unpigmented wax essentially and will add a layer of wax into the tooth as well) so usually it doesnt really leave a workable surface after blending.

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  • 'New Guide To Coloring For Crafts, Adult Coloring Books, And Other Coloristas! Tips, Tricks, And Techniques For All Skill Levels! (Design Originals) (Step-By-Step Lessons & 100 Ready-To-Color Designs)' is Best Selling Book in

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